What is an everyday woman?

I commented on Facebook that I should write a book about my adventures as a mom and as a teacher. I was assured that a simple book would not be enough; an anthology would be better. Starting that kind of project at this point in my life is not really an option, so I figure the best I can do is to start blogging again. So, sit back and join me on this ride as I do a whole lot of reflecting and laughing at what life brings this way (there’ll probably be some tears here and there, too, so be prepared).

I titled this blog, “Adventures of an Everyday Woman.” I’m sure there will be plenty of readers, mostly women, who will comment that there is no such thing as an “everyday woman,” or that my life adventures surely qualify me as more than “everyday.” My question is, what makes me, or anyone, just everyday, plain, or simple. I do not see my adventures as overly special or something to brag about. While they may be unusual, unique, and interesting, other than an occasional proud mom brag moment, they are generally not something to write home about. The purpose of my storytelling is not to impress you with how amazing I am, but simply to make readers think, and hopefully laugh, about the things that come our way as women, and maybe inspire someone who is in need of a pick me up.

I believe ALL women have the power to do great things. As a mom, teacher, friend, and many other things, the stories seem to never end. The thing is, everyone has a story. Everyone has a past. Everyone has a future.  And everyone has adventures. All of life, in fact, is an adventure; it’s up to us to choose whether or not to join in.


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