Weekly Photo Challenge-Monument


This week’s photo challenge was to show a “monument” in a new way. While it certainly isn’t famous, this is my monument. When I was pregnant with my youngest child, my now ex-husband and I were poor. We had little. The one thing I wanted more than anything was to cast my pregnant belly so I would always have a memory of that little guy tucked away inside me for those ten precious months. Inherently, it reminds me of my eldest child, as well, because she also inhabited my body for 10 months.

I don’t really know why it was so important to me to capture this moment in such an intimate way. It’s not anything I display; anyone who does happen to come upon it usually seems rather uncomfortable at seeing a sculpture of my naked body. It doesn’t matter, I did it for me and no one else. At the time we didn’t even know he would be our last child. Two early miscarriages later, when he was 2 years old, we made the decision not to go through that again, making him the baby of the family. So, maybe in some way I was wanting to preserve what I knew I would not be experiencing again.

When I look at my monument of my protruding belly, it brings back such a warm feeling. I remember his little kicks, and watching his elbows move from one side of me to the other. I remember feeling him hiccup inside me. The memory of rubbing my belly and talking to that little one we had yet to meet come back in great detail. Some of my favorite memories of my family are of us all sitting around chatting with our little guy through my protective cage I provided for him.

My monument isn’t famous or big, but it is beautiful. It represents a moment in time that I will never again experience. It reminds me of just how little my not-so-little guy was at one time. Like all parents, I will always cherish those memories; my monument of my swollen baby-filled baby is a large part of those memories.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Monument



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