Electronic Dictionaries for Students in Special Education

If you are so inclined, I would appreciate you taking a look at the following project I created on to provide electronic dictionaries for my students in special education. Students in wealthier campuses all have access to electronic dictionaries, however, my campus is NOT wealthy, so we are stuck in the stone ages with paper dictionaries. This is not good for my students, who struggle with even knowing how to use the dictionary.

Even if donating is not your thing, I would appreciate if you’d look to gain an understanding of the problem, and share with everyone you know. Also, donations are being fully matched by a hedge fund for women project builders, so every donation you make will be double! What a deal! We have about $300 to go, which is only 3 more $50 donations! Any amount is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

Click here to be taken to the project